White Lady cake.

Posted: June 10, 2013 in Baking

I have alot of hobbies, and one is of course baking. I just love to be creative with something that others get to enjoy.
“White Lady” is a cake with a soft chocolate inside. First layer is a thick custard, second is with chocolate mousse that you shape into a dome before you put on the last chocolate piece (it’s a soft kind of sponge cake, I’m not quite sure what the real term for it is in english). Cover the whole thing in a thin layer of  cream, or the leftover of chocolate mousse, just so the marzipan will stick nicely to it. The white marzipan is really thin, some people prefer to have it 2,5mm but from my own experience it’s abit too thin so the chocolate might shine through and not be quite as steady. I pick 3mm and it looks perfect and still isn’t any kind of overwhelming taste of marzipan. I’m not a fan of it to be honest, but for this cake it’s amazing.
The cake is pretty much done now! You can decorate it however you want, but the traditional way is with a rose. I chose to take a dark brown gel and make a pattern around it. Remember though, the icing sugar is put on before the rose! But after the gel! 😉

And I’m really sorry about the picture, I accidently squished the rose on the top of the box, that’s why it’s abit flat and weird looking.
Hope you enjoy it. 🙂



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