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Going vegan?

Posted: September 23, 2015 in Uncategorized

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My biggest passion nowadays are animals.. I mostly eat vegan, and hopefully I will be 100% soon. So, since i work with and love baking I thought I should update abit again! …But I’ll try out vegan baking mostly. 😀 How about that? It’s friendly for all with a big heart put into it!

Anyway, my first try is with meringue, using the liquid of chickpeas! It actually looks good so far, but I dare not to jinx it just yet. It will rest in the oven over night, after 1h 30min on 100 degrees.

1 container of preboiled chickpeas, (use the actual peas to make, for example, hummus, so nothing goes to waste)
1½ dl of sugar
½ tbsp of lemonjuice
½ tbsp of vanilla sugar

Make sure all the chickpea fluid gets fluffy, rather safe than sorry, so leave it on for a while. Poor in the rest of the ingredients and whisk it until it’s firm and you can have it upside down without it dripping. Then it’s just to use spoons or what you prefer to make your preferable size of meringue. Remember to try and make them as high as possible because they will sink alot.
Oven on 100 degrees, you can have more than one tray in, and leave it for 1h 30min. Open the oven abit, turn off the heat and leave it over night.